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Mens boat shoes

Traditionally worn by sailors and boating enthusiasts, Mens boats shoes were first created in 1935 by Paul Sperry. Fascinated by his dog's ability to maintain a grip on wet and icy surfaces, Sperry set out make the first pair of Mens boat shoes. He cut into the soles of a shoe with his pen knife to create a high-grip siping pattern. Mens boat shoes are often treated with special oil that makes them water resistant. The high grip and water resistant qualities of Mens boat shoes makes them ideal, not only for boating but for a wide range of environments and activities. The traditional style of Mens boats shoes greatly appeal to lovers of retro styles and during the 1980's Mens boat shoes became a highly sought after fashion item. The combination of great casual style and comfort has ensured there continued popularity. Today, Mens boat shoes are still extremely stylish and are considered by many to be an essential Mens footwear item. Discover an amazing range of Mens boat shoes online at At Mr Shoes UK there are Mens boat shoes suitable for a variety of occasions that cater for all styles and tastes.