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Mens deck shoes

Mens deck shoes were invented in 1935 by Paul Sperry. Sperry was fascinated by his dog's ability to maintain a grip on slippery surfaces and set out to create the first pair of Mens deck shoes by cutting into the soles of his shoes with a pen knife. The siping pattern on the soles of Mens deck shoes provide high grip and the shoe's uppers are often treated with an oil to make them water resistant. These qualities allow Mens deck shoes to be suitable, not only for boats but also for a variety of environments and weathers. The traditional style of Mens deck shoes appeals to many men and can symbolise a casual, leisurely life at the sea. The combination of this casual style and the practicality and comfort of Mens deck shoes has made them a popular casual footwear choice. Mens deck shoes were traditionally used by sailors and boating enthusiasts but during the 1980's the shoes became a sought after fashionable footwear item. Mens deck shoes have remained in style ever since. Discover Mens deck shoes online at At Mr Shoes UK there are is a variety of Mens deck shoes suitable for all.